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A Hidden Blessing (06/28/11)

A Hidden Blessing (06/28/11) Dear _____, I quote now one section from the previous email sent to me by K ____ Swami wherein he suggested a solution to V_____ being engaged at our programs. K___ Swami suggests that V____ not do cooking service for the program. He says in this way: “She would be 'passively' rather than 'actively' present." Read more...

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This is Their Last chance (12/23/11)

This is Their Last chance (12/23/11) Dear _____, Please remind V______ and B______ that they have a responsibility and a deadline to fulfill for the six Vermont recipes with cooking instructions and photos. On previous projects like cooking videos and 2 years working on getting DevaVision online they have been disappointing. This is their last chance to get on Read more...

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Questions on Duty (12/22/11)

Questions on Duty (12/22/11)Dear _____,I am finally back online... though only for a couple of hours in the morning. Then next week I go off again because of more travel.I'll see if I can shed some light on your email below.I have been reading the Gītā with your anuvṛtti. I have really enjoyed it thus far. My wife too actually. Read more...

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Questions Should Pertain to Necessity (12/12/11)

Questions Should Pertain to Necessity (12/12/11) Last night i was tired when I got your email and questions. Today I will read thru the question. However, one should not ask questions for questions sake. Questions should pertain to real necessity and not just to the strange wanderings of the mind. I may comment to you further after reading his Read more...

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Garden & Kitchen (12/10/11)

Garden & Kitchen (12/10/11) Nice report.... especially that your heart is strong! I am happy that the devotees are doing good and receiving good training and learning the philosophy. Tell ______ that I look forward to seeing him in Europe and tell the Mexican devotees that I look forward to being with them when they return to Mexico. A Read more...

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Does He Need a Guru or a Wet-Nurse? (12/10/11)

Does He Need a Guru or a Wet-Nurse? (12/10/11) Dear ______, Yes, blame the service at the gallery, and the devotees/sannyāsīs, but the fact remains that the boy has had far more good examples to follow than bad ones. Another devotees occasional māyā is no excuse for ______’s perpetual māyā. He is simply immature, does not chant the holy Read more...

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Reinitiation is Not the Future (12/03/11)

Reinitiation is Not the Future (12/03/11) Dear _____ Mahārāja, You can pass on this message to _____. He does not have to reject his guru. He simply has to move forward by accepting proper śikṣā. Guru is the one who helps us the most to understand Kṛṣṇa consciousness and to be engaged in pure devotional service. Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura was Read more...

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You Don’t Need My help to Defeat the Madhvas (11/20/11)

You Don’t Need My help to Defeat the Madhvas (11/20/11) Dear ____ and _____, Thank you for your email. During our conversations with the Madhva's about 10 years ago they were already muted, but since you think you are capable of doing a better job than we have already done, and since you have such extensive śāstrika pramāṇas as Read more...

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Remember that the Devotees of Kṛṣṇa are Your Only True Friends (11/20/11)

Remember that the Devotees of Kṛṣṇa are Your Only True Friends (11/20/11) Dear ______, Thank you for your long and sincere email. I am happy to receive your email and to know that your trip to India and all the association with the devotees has given you such wonderful inspiration to progress in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. About your question: YES! Read more...

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