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Normal and Abnormal Conditions in Service (11/12/14)

Normal and Abnormal Conditions in Service (11/12/14) Dear ____ Dāsī, "Devotional service is a continual process from ones previous life.” “No one can take to devotional service unless he has had some previous connection with it" The first statement is the norm. But the second statement below concerns the abnormal or accidental engagement in devotional service. The accidental service Read more...

2023-01-19T19:02:42+05:30November 12th, 2014|Letters|

Outstaying Your Welcome (10/27/14)

Outstaying Your Welcome (10/27/14) Dear _____ Mahārāja, It has just come to my attention that you have been staying about one month in ______’s house in ______. Mahārāja!!!...this is not right. You should know the limits of your welcome without devotees having to approach you. The devotees in _____ are happy that you came for a visit, but staying Read more...

2023-01-19T19:02:43+05:30October 27th, 2014|Letters|

Ultimately Kṛṣṇa is the Judge (09/30/14)

Ultimately Kṛṣṇa is the Judge (09/30/14) Dear ______ Dāsa, Yes, many unfortunate things have happened and in all probability there are misperceptions on all sides. Māyā plays her tricks and sometimes makes devotees against each other when in reality all any devotee really wants is to serve guru, Kṛṣṇa and the Vaiṣṇavas peacefully. Last night I came to know Read more...

2023-01-19T19:02:43+05:30August 17th, 2014|Letters|

A Milestone (08/08/14)

A Milestone (08/08/14) All, This morning we received the formal 'resignation' of ______ from the trust. This was a milestone in dealing with this person. I am sure there are further dramas yet to follow because he still has the houses and land behind the āśrama, but ______ is helping us and we are working on getting that back Read more...

2023-01-19T19:02:43+05:30August 8th, 2014|Letters|

Part and Parcel (07/01/14)

Part and Parcel (07/01/14) Dear Bernd, The real problem lies within the English language as well as many other western languages which do not have parallel words for many Sanskrit words. Prabhupāda translates aṁśa in Bhagavad-gītā as “part and parcel”, jīva as “soul”, and bhajana as “worship”, etc. but in fact these are not the same thing. Also there Read more...

2023-01-19T19:02:44+05:30July 1st, 2014|Letters|

How Many Apa-siddhāntas Does it Take to Make an Apa-Sampradāya? (06/30/14)

How Many Apa-siddhāntas Does it Take to Make an Apa-Sampradāya? (06/30/14) Dear ______, You have inadvertently stirred the hornet's nest. The contamination I spoke of in Iskcon is both subtle and gross. You have learned many things that are not correct and to enter śuddha-bhakti you will have to be re-trained in many ways. You have been hearing from Read more...

2023-01-19T19:02:44+05:30June 30th, 2014|Letters|

Hearing From this One and That One Means Hearing From No One (06/28/14)

Hearing From this One and That One Means Hearing From No One (06/28/14) Dear _____, Hare Kṛṣṇa. I have received your email and read with interest. You have mentioned your greatest necessity in your email and that is that you must accept the shelter of a bona-fide guru. Whatever mantras one chants should be received from ones dīkṣā-guru. Mantras Read more...

2023-01-19T19:02:44+05:30June 28th, 2014|Letters|
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