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A State of Utter HopelessnessA State of Utter Hopelessness
the-struggle-for-consciousnessThe Struggle for Consciousness

by Swami B.G. Narasingha

'Statistics' was a short article written by Swami Narasingha on June 9th 2011 for his blog, Narasingha Maharaja makes the point how although India is increasing in power and wealth, it is also becoming more and more sinful.

The motto of India’s primer airline, Kingfisher Airlines, is “Fly the Good Times.” But just how ‘Good’ are these ‘Times’? Statistics have always held a fascination in my mind and the more we push forward in the age of information the more these statistics continue to fascinate me.

India has finally arrived in the modern age after almost a century of absence and has since been heralded as potentially the worlds next super economy, even super-power. But all that glitters is not gold, especially if you are one of the unfortunate souls that make up some of India’s alarming statistics.

Did you know that India is a world leader for murder statistics at more than 32,000 murders per year? That is about 87 murders per day. Certainly off-colour for the country known for ‘śānti’, peace.

Or did you know that India has the second largest number of AIDS victims in the world at 2.4 million, only to be surpassed by South Africa.

Or did you know that India has more deaths in automobile accidents, at 1.2 million per year, than any other country in the world? That is 137 road deaths per hour! And some of those fatalities have been devotees.

India also boasts of 7.5 million drug addicted users and 6.2 million alcoholics.

Right. The ‘Good Times’…

Definitely not the pious India we read about in śāstra.

The question arises, just how pious is Mother India in this modern age (Kali-yuga)? Will India arise above the clutches of Kali?

When so-called Vaiṣṇavas, caught in the clutches of Kali-yuga, battle each other in the High Courts and in the streets for possession of land, buildings and money…it doesn’t seem likely!

A State of Utter HopelessnessA State of Utter Hopelessness
the-struggle-for-consciousnessThe Struggle for Consciousness

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