LettersThe ‘Sucky Truth’ (12/08/10)
LettersA Bull-Head with No Vision (12/08/10)

A Bull-Head with No Vision (12/08/10)

_____ Mahārāja,

First send me N______’s email address or K_____’s email address ASAP and I will then write him about this.

No doubt he is a bull-head and has little or no vision how to make anything a future for S_____. S____ is still a kid. If necessary an older devotee like R_____, A_____ or S____ should work in the factory before S____ has to go there.

R____ thinks he wants to be a householder, so tell him that working in the water factory will give him a glimpse into his future because as a householder he will have to work for the rest of his life in one job or another. It will not be possible for him to support a family simply by taking photographs. So see if he would like to give the water factory a try :)

I will write N_______ and try to explain to his thick head that I have told him many times that I DO NOT WANT S______ WORKING IN THE FACTORY !!!!!!!

But in the end do not be surprised if he cannot follow my instructions!

Waiting for his or K_____’s email address. ASAP!!!

Meantime I will also write to S_____.

Gaura Haribol,

Swami Narasingha

LettersThe ‘Sucky Truth’ (12/08/10)
LettersA Bull-Head with No Vision (12/08/10)