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A Sensitive Subject (05/26/12)

Dear S____,

NO, I would not suggest writing B____ in that way. He very easily misunderstands words in black and white when the personal expression and feeling can not be easily understood.

It could lead to just another exchange of misunderstood statements.

You do however have my permission to take up the matter directly with B___, J____, etc. The problem is that they are in limbo with no actual guru. Yes, they take śikṣā from me, but when their mind isn’t in the mood they don’t accept the śikṣā. They actually need to take re-initation or to state it differently, they need to be readjusted — something that represents a deeper commitment to being in the shelter of what I instruct. Or just let them stay with whatever conception and willingness to serve that they have and lets move on. That is probably the best case scenario. J_____ has plans of his own for Chikal and
really speaking, he is not developing what I wanted there or how I wanted it done.

To encourage them in the beginning I told that I see their connection to Śrīla Prabhupāda because they came to Kṛṣṇa consciousness in 1977-78 but that was said because their faith was very shaky and I was expecting that as the years went by, that they would progress and want a more formal connection. The fact is that they are sentimental and do
not actually know anything about Śrīla Prabhupāda and they don’t really follow me either.

It’s a sensitive subject and doesn’t need fixing today…or maybe ever. That is also why I wanted a project in GTO that was completely free from the influence of H____. And by the way, that reminds me that we need a registered association in Mexico. At least one for the GTO project. J_____ will never get the job done because he does not listen properly to me. Therefore, when the time is right I want you to establish a registered association outside of the business structure for GTO. Something (association/society/mission) ]that covers the interests and purposes of our missionary activities in Mexico. No rush, but it has to get done sooner or later.

I also want you to come up with a non-official name for the project in GTO, like “Sri Chaitanya Seva Ashram’ or something like that. We are registered in India but our popular name is Sri Narasingha Chaitanya Ashram or Govindajī Gardens. Something like that. Centro Bharati just isn’t that much of a spiritual sound to my ears, although it may be good for a business model.

So for now do not include B____ in the mix of discussion about B____, J____, etc. Just deal straightforward with H____ when you think the time is right.

But as concerns A____, please work cooperatively with B____ when you want A____ to come and help you set up the restaurant for a couple of months. Sending a replacement to B_____ at that time may or may not be possible at that time… so I will step into the
conversation at that time if necessary.

Gaura Haribol,
Swami Narasingha

LettersSelling Prasādam (05/26/12)
LettersRules for Kīrtana (05/28/12)