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An Unforgiving Road (11/29/08)

Dear _______ Mahārāja,
All glories to Śrī Guru and Gaurāṅga.

I am sorry that we didn’t meet again in Vṛndāvana, but my plans changed suddenly and the next day I had to return to Govindajī Gardens.

By the time you receive this email you must have started for the USA. I wish you well.

Below is an email that I received from a certain A_____ Dāsa who says he is your initiated disciple (initiated in August 2008). I also came to know that you have another initiated disciple who lives in Germany and apparently both these disciples have been trying to contact you, but with no success.

That you have disciples or not is certainly your business, but I do have to wonder why you never mentioned such things to me. Apparently the disciple from Germany was initiated by you in Jagannātha Purī before we even met to discuss your receiving sannyāsa-mantra etc. from me.

You are certainly your own man, but I do feel that you have not been so straightforward (truthful) with me as concerns your past, your present activities, or your future intentions.

I am not looking for an explanation unless you want to offer one, but one thing I want to mention is that your dealings with devotees after your taking sannyāsa is to build a new reputation and character about your good self. What you do, how you treat devotees, your manner of dealing (straightforward, not straightforward etc.), your particular representation of conception and affiliations (the association that you keep) will in the end culminate in the eyes of devotees to represent who you are and what kind of a sannyāsī or guru you are.

I don’t want to sound like I am giving a warning or making any threats here, but as a friend and godbrother, I humbly suggest that you think more deeply upon how you are building your character and reputation as a sannyāsī. There is a long road ahead for you as a sannyāsī and at times that road can be unforgiving. So please be considerate about the above and conduct yourself in such a way that Śrīla Prabhupāda will be satisfied.

Hoping this meets you well.

With Affection,
Swami BG Narasingha

LettersNot Suited for Our Mission (12/04/08)
LettersCalendar Calculations and Over-Intelligence (12/20/08)