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Distasteful, But Interesting (10/30/10)

____ Mahārāja,

Below ____ Swami says, “But if you study Subjective Evolution carefully you will see that he is really talking about suṣupti, which is often compared to being merged in Brahman because the physical and psychic dimensions of consciousness are suspended therein and consciousness is undifferentiated.”

I have two questions:

1] Where is suṣupti “often compared” to Brahman? In Upaniṣads or where?

2] How do they conclude that Śrīdhara Mahārāja is “really talking about suṣupti” in Subjective Evolution of Conciousness?

What other arguments do they make in favor of their conception of anādi-karma? Can you maker a list and systematically categorize their arguments?

I think you should return to their forum and keep abreast of what is being said on this topic. Also send me a copy of what you wrote on their forum previously.

Maybe we should post a few more statements just to stir them up a bit. Remember the ‘devil’ is always at work :)

Although the topic is distasteful, being that they so easily interpolate what Śrīdhara Mahārāja has said on the topic, still the subject is somewhat interesting and will make for a good KṛṣṇaTalk later this year or early next. I would do it now, but I am much too busy in practical service at the moment. Also if we are together when I write the article then the presentation will be much tighter/thorough… more difficult for them to just brush aside. So get everything they said and especially what _____Swami has written on the topic and get it laid out systematically so I can see and read it comprehensively.

LettersThe Anādi Issue (10/26/10)
LettersLiving on His Wife’s Money (11/07/10)