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Gossip is a Soul-killer (11/25/09)

_____ Mahārāja,

YES! Once again the tongue causes misunderstanding, pain and suffering to others and even though I am 2500 kilometers away, it lands in my mailbox and I have to deal with it.

Whatever was discussed about that ______ character when I was in Vṛndāvana was discussed between me, you, ____ Maharaja and B____. I don’t know who was present at what stage, but I was clear with all that we didn’t want that character coming around begging some service upstairs at Rādhā-Dāmodara Temple. I said in clear terms, “Make sure that guy understands that I do not want him around my devotees or my place of service.”

That said and I having been clear on what I wanted in regards to my place of service in Vṛndāvana, I left for South India. Now I am told that you and B____ discussed how to implement what I requested and came up with a sensible approach – one with as little fall-out to others (yourself) as possible. That sounded good. But then I am told that B____ didn’t follow thru with the plan and now all hell has broken loose.

What to do? B____ is sometimes a loose cannon. But like P_____ Mahārāja, I am working with whatever Kṛṣṇa sends me. P_____ Mahārāja has forgiven a devotee that cannot control his genitals and I will have to either punish or forgive a devotee that cannot control his tongue. What to do?

What would you do? How should I punish B____? Should I take away his service for being too straightforward? After all that V_____ has done nonsense in the Holy Dhama and if B____ is too neophyte to keep his cool and at the same time get rid of that rascal, which one of these guys am I too blame, punish, or should I just “be merciful” and bless them both?

Well, I am a survivor and what I am going to do is focus on my own survival and just put it on the back-burner until I come face to face with B____ at the end of January. I cannot settle or do anything about this matter thru emails.

Sorry for any inconvenience B____ may have caused you Mahārāja. I suggest that you just forget about B____ and go ahead with your program. Everyone in Vṛndāvana knows that V____ jumped from orange dress to white dress with that woman so why should anyone put the blame on you? Everyone is talking about it! Everyone except B____ and our devotees that is. We didn’t know or care until you came over to tell the news. Its all horse-dung Mahārāja, and I cannot allow myself to just step in it!

This gossip is a soul-killer and V______ is just one of the nightmares that you came and told us about. Thank your lucky stars B____ hasn’t leaked it out about all the other criticisms you had about P_____ Mahārāja and his crew or he would have your neck!

Think of it in that way… B_____ could have done a lot more damage than he did!

Really sucks I know, but what can I do Mahārāja?

Gaura Haribol,


LettersThe First Quality of a Sannyāsī is Fearlessness (11/22/09)
LettersIndia Doesn’t Need Their Humanitarian Work (12/26/09)