LettersFinding Peace (05/28/08)
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I Expect Full Surrender and Nothing Less (07/27/08)

As for J____’s part in the business idea, I think it simply spells out maintaining something that, in effect, is an alternative to “Well, what if things don’t work out with Mahārāja”? The problem is that keeping an alternative shelter almost definitely guarantees that, “Things won’t work out with Mahārāja”. It will be Māyā’s way of always being able to suggest to J_____ that if he feels uncomfortable in his situation, he can always move on again. That being the case he shouldn’t even bother attempting to join the mission. Separate interests are a sure ticket back to the material energy. Joining the mission means ‘joining the mission — give it all up! Otherwise it is a doomed attempt even from the beginning. It brings niether happiness or success.

In the past J______ and others attempted to “give it all up” and join me and the mission. The only thing that failed was their determination, not the Mahārāja. Had they stuck to the program, they would have all been ultimately successful and happy. Of course, family (children etc) was in their minds – a valid reason, but that reason is now over. The family life is over, as good as dead. Now they can be as free as when they were in the prime of their youth in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. But if you allow Māyā’s alternatives to keep a hold on the mind, it is sure that she will prevail and the attempt will fail once again.

From my side also, I want to be as clear as day about what I expect from any person/persons joining and living in my āśramas — full surrender and nothing less. That means what a persons engagement is, where they stay and what happens to all money goes through me for sanction. That is the descending process of bhakti-yoga.

Take M___ Dāsī for example. She originally had an idea to join completely, but when she actually received her inheritance she gave some money to Kṛṣṇa, but was then carried away by her māyā and we lost sight of her for about one year. Now she is back but with her own independent means. Thus she is again leaving for the west on Sunday and there is no guarantee that we will see her again at the āśrama.

But J____ Dāsī on the other hand faces the same circumstances in life – no husband, children are grown up etc. J____ has chosen to be a surrendered soul (no alternatives, no independent money) and she does whatever service she is requested to do. Thus, she is happy and making spiritual advancement. The same is true with A___ Dāsī — she is happy and making spiritual advancement.

M_____ is hanging on to her remaining money and only accepts the service that she wants to do, such as Deity worship. That’s nice, but that does not endear her to me or to the mission. The same is true with other older women/wives etc. on the outskirts of our mission. They are hanging on to their attachments — thus not making any spiritual advancement. They are miserable, growing old, weak in health and ultimately going to have to face death, like it or not! Not a good scenario the way I see it.

What’s their solution? The same solution works for all of us. Give up self interest, then engage yourself in Kṛṣṇa’s service under the direction and shelter of His bona-fide agent.

These are my thoughts on the matter and I hope that we are seeing eye to eye.

The future is bright.


LettersFinding Peace (05/28/08)
LettersWhat is the Point of Being in My Mission? (08/20/08)