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I Will Not Tolerate Any more! (08/26/12)

Dear ______ Dāsī,

Nice report. Yes, i am very happy that _______ is filling up with Mexicano devotees and not just gringo devotees.

You have asked me to alway keep instructing how you and other devotees can please Śrī Guru and make advancement in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. So let me mention this – you may have noticed that in the last month or so before I left Mexico that I stopped coming to ______. The reason was the DOGS in the house and especially in the KITCHEN. I tolerated that for a couple of years and said over and over again and again that dogs should not come into the house of a Vaiṣṇava and especially dogs should not come into Kṛṣṇa’s kitchen.

Everyone seemed to think that was funny. Sometime when I would be in ______, the dogs were kept out, but even then they would often come into the house and in the kitchen. I have even seem dog stool and urine in the area where we take prasādam. So bottom line is that I could not tolerate that any longer and I will not tolerate it any longer in the future. If dogs are coming into the house and into Kṛṣa’s kitchen, then I will not be coming to _______ ever again.

Even on the veranda where _____ grows some plants, every time I walk there, I see dog stool and urine. It also smells very nasty. This is not how a Vaiṣṇava lives. Such conditions are gross ignorance and I will not tolerate that any more. Sorry.

I was so upset last year about the uncleanliness in the _____ house with the dogs and at _____’s house also that I completely stopped eating tamales from _____’s house and I had decided to take Mahāprabhu from the ______ house back to India. But then I decided to take Mahāprabhu to ______ instead, because i knew that ______ would take proper care for the Deity and keep the proper standard of Vaiṣṇava cleanliness.

Even now you have govardhana and śālāgrāma in the ______ house and for all I know the dogs are still coming into the house, the prasādam area and sometimes into the kitchen. This is actually an offence and if it is not stopped then you can expect terrible things to happen. Where there is śālāgrāma, the standards of the rules must be very, very strict in all things.

Please consider that although I am telling you this now in a very straight and hard way, that in the past I was very tolerant, but my tolerance was taken for free and nobody took my instructions seriously. I have even mentioned not to have dogs in the kitchen in Bhagavad-gītā on page 399.

So please see that my instructions are followed and then i will be very happy to come to ______ and take wonderful Kṛṣṇa prasādam.

Hoping you are well.

Su Padre Espiritual,
Swami Narasingha

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