LettersTreading on Thin Ice (05/17/07)
LettersWithout an Āśrama, Initiating is Useless (05/25/07)

The Choice is Yours (05/22/07)

Dear R____ Dāsa
Hare Kṛṣṇa.

It has been sometime since our last correspondence, but I have not seen or heard from you since. Also none of our devotees have seen you, nor have you cared to come for darśana of Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Mādhava at Govindajī Gardens or Śrī Śrī Gaura-Nitāi at Diamond District.

Also, more than one year ago I humbly requested you to organize with N____ and make a financial contribution so that we can begin construction of the guesthouse at Govindajī Gardens and you agreed.
However, a year has passed and you are not doing or even attempting to do the service that I have requested you to do.

Simply put and to the point, I must inform you that your actions are not living up to the committment of being a disciple, at least not to being a disciple under my direction. This is becoming a mockery of
being a disciple and I therefore do not see the point in carrying this charade any further.

So my conclusion is this:

If you wish to remain my disciple you should immediately contact N____and work out the plan to be engaged in the service of constructing the guesthouse at the āśrama as I have requested.

Or if you do not wish to remain my disciple, then you should simply take my govardhana-śīla that you received from me personally and take it to the āśrama at Diamond District and leave it with the devotees there. At that point our relationship will be considered terminated and you are then free to pursue life as you see fit. Thus I will no longer have to be concerned about or responsible for your activities.

With all due respect, I wish you all the best, but I expect that you will make a decision and act upon one or the other of my requests given above by this week’s end. Either remain my disciple and follow my instructions for engaging in service, or retire from being my disciple by returning my govardhana-śīla.

The choice is yours but I expect that you act upon it and without further delay.

Hoping this meets you well.

Swami B.G. Narasiṅgha

LettersTreading on Thin Ice (05/17/07)
LettersWithout an Āśrama, Initiating is Useless (05/25/07)