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They Are Taking Us Very Seriously (03/31/01)

Daṇḍavats ____ Mahārāja,

Hare Kṛṣṇa.

I read through the article by D_____ Prabhu and it amounts to a super grand attempt at ‘begging the question’.

anartha thakāra kāle līlā-gana kare nā

While still contaminated with anarthas, one should never sing songs about the Lord’s confidential pastimes. (Prākṛta-rasa-śata-dūṣiṇī)

So I do not want to respond tit-for-tat with him. But I do want to bring out more of our points in simple and direct language in other articles like the one I just sent you. Any point that we feel really deserves addressing from D____’s article can be dealt with in an essay, but not mentioning his paper directly.

I think I will write a Krishna-Talk about anarthas and address the point that in my ‘Hearing from a Rasika Guru’ article, some persons have complained about my stressing the necessity for purification. That should be sufficient.

But make no mistake about it – they are taking us very seriously. It took them four months to put together a reply to my article. If I spent two weeks writing, we could give them enough material to keep themselves busy for the next two years!


Swami B.G. Narasiṅgha

LettersOur Greatest Strength (03/30/01)
LettersMīrābāi - A Bahiraṅga-Bhakta (04/03/01)