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You Don’t Actually Want the Answers! (11/14/05)

G____ Prabhu,

You might as well throw in the question” “was Prabhupāda a pure devotee?” and what is your proof?

One point is this and that is that for as many disciples as there are, there are gradations of advancement in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. All are not on the same platform.

Kṛṣṇa consciousness is not guided by a charismatic leader. It is guided by a body of philosophy and śāstra. Personal opinions of the disciples are to conform with guru, sādhu and śāstra.

Who is serving Prabhupāda’s spiritual instruction and who is simply serving the institution? When you yourself are not following, how do you expect to be able to understand who is leading?

Your questions sound like a mess from the mental plane coming forth all at once. Who cooks the food (prasādam) you eat?

Search and you will find is what Jesus said, but you have searched everywhere and cannot find what you are looking for. Therefore the defect is within you and not in those that you are looking at.

Prabhupāda’s movement was never perfect. It only seemed to be because we were fired up and had strong faith. Faith reveals everything. Now you have become lazy and your faith in all these things related to Kṛṣṇa is weak.

I have for years offered you the invitation to come and serve Prabhupāda according to your hearts desire, but in the end you just stay at home, give a little donation (once in a while) and continue with bad association and the mental plane.

In future I will not raise this subject to you again. Nobody has answers to your questions because you don’t actually want the answers.

Until we meet again someday;


LettersA Golden Opportunity (10/27/05)
LettersDisagreements to Keep the Conversation Alive (12/29/05)