LettersBulls are Not Pets! (05/23/13)
LettersGaṇeśa is not Necessary (05/25/13)

Important Instructions (05/25/13)

Listen and follow these instructions to the tee –

Learn to think before you act.
In bed by 10pm.
No more chess online or otherwise.
No watching movies, playing games or otherwise unrelated Kṛṣṇa conscious stuff online.
Clean clothes always.
Clean body always.
Proper short hair cut and clean shaven.
No flirting or idle talk with anyone, especially the females.
You must study our books and ślokas.
You must memorize ślokas and understand how they apply to the philosophy.
You must use ALL your energy to improve the project.
You must associate with the men (male energy) and not the women.
You must attend all the morning programs with enthusiasm.

You must accept with enthusiasm that the above is a ZERO tolerance program and you must strive your very best to be in _____ to become Kṛṣṇa conscious and to be a productive member of the community. And very importantly that you are not here for the purpose of finding a female companion.

If you think that you cannot accept the above or that you have a brighter, wiser future in ______, then by all means pursue that future. But returning to the project in _____ means strictly accepting the guideline I have laid out here.

LettersBulls are Not Pets! (05/23/13)
LettersGaṇeśa is not Necessary (05/25/13)