Bhakti Gaurava Vani

The Teachings of Swami B.G. Narasingha

Bhakti Gaurava Vani

The Teachings of Swami B.G. Narasingha

Welcome to Bhakti Gaurava Vani the ultimate source of spiritual knowledge and teachings from Swami B.G. Narasingha Maharaja. Here you will find a vast collection of articles, books, audio lectures, videos and much more, all spoken and authored by Swami Narasingha, the renowned spiritual teacher. Whether you are a disciple, wellwisher, friend or admirer of Narasingha Maharaja, you will find something here to help you deepen your understanding of spiritual knowledge. Dive into the teachings of Swami B.G. Narasingha Maharaja. Read More…

Articles Written by Swami B.G. Narasingha

Discover hundreds of Articles by Narasingha Maharaja and gain deep insight into Gaudiya Vaisnava Philosophy, History and Culture.

In this article 'Abandon Unhealthy Mentalities' written in 1998, Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahārāja answers the question, “Does a Vaiṣṇava feel fear?” In answer to this, he explains how there is only one thing a Vaiṣṇava fears and goes on to warn the reader of the severity of Vaiṣṇava aparādha.

‘Who is a Vaisnava?’ was written by Swami Narasingha in 1998. This article answers a question from two devotees, “Who is a Vaiṣṇava?” and Narasingha responds by quoting various ślokas from Gauḍīya Kaṇṭhahāra explaining the various levels of Vaiṣṇavas. This article was later published in ‘Prākṛta Rasa Āraṇya Chediṇī.’

“Gāyatrī as Rādhārāṇī” was written by Śrīla B.G. Narasiṅgha Mahārāja in October 2003. Narasiṅgha Mahārāja briefly explains the Gāyatrī-Nigūḍhārtha composed by Śrīla Śridhara Mahārāja which shows how the brahma-gāyatrī ultimately refers to Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī.

‘The Secret of Prema – Rasika or Sahajiyā?’ was written by Swami Narasingha in 1996 for Gauḍīya Vedānta magazine. In this article, Narasingha Maharaja discusses the topic of rāgānuga-bhakti and how such a method should not be taken cheaply.

“Kārttika - a Special Month for Devotion”, written by Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahārāja, was first published in ‘Back To Godhead’ magazine on January 21st,1986. In this article, Mahārāja explains the significance of Kārttika for Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇavas and especially for the followers of Śrīla A.C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda.

“Deliverer or Instrumental Guru’ was written in 1999 by Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahārāja and deals with an idea that was being peddled that Śrīla Prabhupāda is the guru that will actually deliver all his followers for the next 10,000 years, and all gurus after him are simply ‘instrumental’.

‘The Case of Subhadrā’, written by Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahārāja in 2013, investigates the ontology of Subhadrā Devī - is she Yogamāyā, is she bhakti-śakti or is she both?

'Meditation Techniques and the Holy Name' was written by Swami Narasingha in October 2006. Narasingha Maharaja discusses the age-old problem of distraction during japa, and gives advice based upon Sanātana Gosvāmī and Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura on how to combat this.

In this article 'Ācāryas at Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Dāmodara Temple, Vṛndāvana' from KṛṣṇaTalk, 2014, Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahārāja explains the importance of Śrī Śrī Radhā-Dāmodara Temple in regards to the various ācāryas who resided there, including Śrīla A.C. Bhaktivedānta Svāmī Prabhupāda.

“Himalayan Pilgrimage” was written by Śrīla Narasiṅgha Mahārāja and Satyarāja Dāsa for ‘Back to Godhead’ magazine in April 1985. This travelogue narrates Mahārāja’s journey from Hardwar to Gangotri and Gaumukh, the source of the River Gaṅgā.

Books by Swami B.G. Narasingha

Get direct access to Swami B.G. Narasingha Maharaja‘s books online with easy navigation and PDF downloads

Prakrta Rasa Aranya Chedini - Cutting the Jungle of Misconception

Prākṛta-rasa Āraṇya Chedinī – Cutting the Jungle of Misconception

The Authorized Sri Caitanya Saraswata Parampara

The Authorized Sri Caitanya Saraswata Parampara

Prabhupada Vijaya

Prabhupada Vijaya – A Collection of Articles Glorifying His Divine Grace

Bhagavad Gita - Sri Krsna's Illuminations on the Perfection of Yoga - Commentary by Swami B.G. Narasingha

Bhagavad-gita with commentary by Swami B.G. Narasingha

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