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Tolerating Them Has Been a Tapasya (07/22/05)

Daṇḍavats _____ Swami,

I was wondering if you had any plan to extend your shelter to B____ Mahārāja if he is going to actually fully separate from the X____ camp? It might not be a bad idea (at least for sometime) otherwise he may falter and return to X____. I thought about writing him, but decided not to since he probably wouldn’t feel comfortable with an invitation from me. But you being his old and dear friend he might see your invitation as a secure plan, at least for his immediate future.

I was also wondering what B____ Mahārāja might have said about maintaining his sannyāsa (which he received from X____). It seems difficult to me for someone to reject
their sannyāsa-guru as bogus and at the same time maintain sannyāsa and the sannyāsa name. He is indeed in a very difficult position.

I have a question also about A____ Mahārāja. When you say he is staying with a Russian lady in LA does that mean he is no longer maintaining sannyāsa-veśa or is he just camped out there for sometime? The reason I ask is that my disciple G__ Mahārāja made him a devotee and he is wondering about his final decisions.

Tolerating X____ and all the people in his camp, for the past so many years, has been a real tapasya. I hate to say it, but it will be a pleasant relief when some of X____’s most senior men have dropped out and the world can then see what their real substance was – zero.

Anyway, an occasional update/insight from your holiness will be appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the above.

Gaura Haribol,

LettersNityānanda’s Sannyāsa (05/27/05)
LettersBig Gurus, Big Missions, and Big Troubles (07/22/05)