LettersWhat More Can I do? (06/25/14)
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What More Can I do? (06/25/14)

Unless there are extreme circumstance i would NOT use herbicides or pesticides.

We are an āśrama and as such we should be as ORGANIC as possible. We should be an example to people on how to live, etc and how to be Kṛṣṇa conscious.

One struggle i have with the _____ devotees also is that they have little to no idea what is going on in the world or even in _____.

Monsanto is purely EVIL and should be COMPLETELY avoided.

_______ is a big frustration for me. Yes, he is VERY generous but he does not serve the desire of guru properly. If he was doing properly, then why he was looking for a 3rd wife??? When I heard that, I lost all hope that he can come up to the standard that I wish to see.

Given the above, I decided a long time back that I would be pulling away from getting involved in the details of the projects in _____. Add the fact that in ____ I am NEVER asked a philosophical question leaves me even more discouraged. I love the devotees dearly, but there is not much more I can personally do for them.

I mentioned several things to you when I was at ______. First that I would not be returning for at LEAST two years and maybe longer. Second, I said that if you are satisfied with the life and service that you have at _____ then continue and if you are not, then make a decision what you want to do.

Coming to India however isn’t an option that I can support. I have very limited finances and I cannot support even one more foreign devotee here in India. _____ Maharaja is now in charge and developing our Rādhā-Dāmodara project, so your going there isn’t an option now, nor could I support you.

So what i think you have to do is assert your position and your authority about everything happening at _____. Try to work things out but if _____ is a bullhead you will have to decide what is next.

In my mind’s eye I don’t want to come back to _______ until we are back on track with the original idea. Personally, I think that both you and ______ should not spend ANY money on anything extra or even ANY other additions to the project until at least three guest cottages with attached bath have been constructed and the tours established as a means of finances for _____.

A side note is that ______ is half ritvik. He has faith in Prabhupāda [mostly sentiment], but still chants gāyatrī worshiping the guru who gave him the mantras and on it goes. So for me I have become detached…whatever happens there, happens. I have no energy to try to change him. He is even dragging his feet about sending ____ to India for 6 months…what more can I do??

That is pretty much where things stand in my view.


LettersWhat More Can I do? (06/25/14)
LettersLiving Without Devotees is Hell (06/26/14)