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Iskcon and Rādhā-Dāmodara Temple (03/30/09)


A legal document if necessary – but I personally prefer deeper relations and agreements made in front of Kṛṣṇa, etc. Courts are hell – win or lose! But let us do the needful in any case.

ISKCON was created by Śrīla Prabhupāda as a “spiritual” institution and I am a firm believer that only spiritual relationships and commitments are what will endure into the future.

The issues are between Ṭhākurajī Rādhā-Dāmodara and ISKCON, and at this point I am a mediator as well as I thought you were a mediator. Please correct me if you think I am wrong.

You could have your mediator included in our conversations as your advisor and also accompany you to any meetings required, etc. But as for a mediator taking over your present role and dealing with me directly, it is completely out of the question. Frankly, if you were not there I don’t think I would be talking, as ISKCON leaders are not at the top of my list of favorites.

Until we bring this issue near to closing there won’t be a need to meet personally with Goswami beforehand. He has entrusted me with the task of doing everything up to the final point (subject to his final approval).

I don’t know what to say about the process you have described below about the court sending both parties back to mediation and then if both parties see a win-win situation that the court may then pass an order to effect the agreement. What you have said sounds reasonable, but I am not aware of how such things actually work in the Indian court system, or how long they take. If that is the way it works then it is certainly worth a try, but the sooner the acts of aggression in the courts stop the better. Goswami says that he has to appear in Allahabad High Court on April 6th. It would be very nice if this was the last of the days of aggressive proceedings and everything progressed after that in a friendly and respectful manner. So how do we achieve that?

Goswami got back to me about all the points that I made in my email to you and he was in full agreement except for one thing – Goswami objected to my “suggestion” about giving BBT books every month in place of the said amount of rupees 20,000. Goswami felt more comfortable with receiving the lakṣmī every month and when needed would happily buy books from the BBT at wholesale prices according to what was actually needed for distribution at the Rādhā-Dāmodara Temple. I though his request was both intelligent and reasonable.

OK, now how do we proceed?

Are you available for further phone conversations? I am available if needed by phone and or we could possibly set up some meeting place to meet in person.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


LettersStarting a New Relationship (03/30/09)
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