LettersI’m Not Finding Fault… (08/02/01)
LettersYou are Getting OLD, and Death Can Come at Any Moment (08/19/01)

You Should Think About This Very Seriously. (08/02/01)

Dear E__,

Hare Kṛṣṇa.

Still my question hasn’t been answered as to how I will be able to have your association in the future, if I will let R___ take sannyāsa (of course he will desire so).Will I have chance for Your association here in the west or in India? Will I be welcome to come to Your āśramas and hear from You?

There may be some possibility of your visiting me in USA, maybe Hawaii or Canada, but not in India. India is out of the question. If you rejoin with your husband in Navadvīpa it is good, but do not come to Govindajī Gardens under any circumstances.

You do not seem to understand that was a bad chapter in your life, and you have given the devotees there a bad taste. So R__ can do what he likes, but under no circumstances are you to return to Govindajī Gardens. If R___ wants to join you, then that is his choice. Go to Navadvīpa, Vṛndāvana, California, or wherever – but do not go to Govindajī Gardens and not Vermont.

In case you have not realised it, or you have not understood the situation, your previous residence is no longer there at Govindajī Gardens. R___ has moved to a small cabin and your previous quarters have been converted into a guest facility for visiting families. Whatever personal things you have left behind will be sent to you when R___ comes to the west, or meets you in Navadvīpa.

You say you accept me as guru, but I do not accept you as my disciple. You have greatly offended T___ Prabhu. You embarrassed me in the process. Then you disappointed me and all the devotees at Govindajī Gardens. You have troubled everyone who knows you. You do not follow the instruction of anyone. You only continue to tell everyone, even your so-called guru, how its going to be.

So you are not my disciple. You were the disciple of T__ Prabhu, but you spoiled that completely, although your husband remains the disciple of T___ Prabhu and so does your son. So where does that leave you? You should think about that very seriously. You made a mess of everything. But now I advise you to surrender to Śrīla G____ Mahārāja and be happy.

I wish you all the best, but I am not going to answer any more of your emails. I have said all that I have to say. I have tried to help you, but I now withdraw myself from the situation.


Swami B.G. Narasiṅgha

LettersI’m Not Finding Fault… (08/02/01)
LettersYou are Getting OLD, and Death Can Come at Any Moment (08/19/01)