2010 Letters

I Do Not Wish to Disturb Someone’s Faith (12/20/10)

I Do Not Wish to Disturb Someone’s Faith (12/20/10) Dear Mātājī, In short we find that G_____Mahārāja associated with the sahajiyās and section of Gauḍīyas thru F____ and others  that came from the camp of Ananta Vāsudeva that had rejected Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta. G_____Mahārāja was also fond of discussing gopīs, Rādhārāṇī, prema, mañjarīs and other topics which Śrīla Śrīdhara Mahārāja Read more...

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Why He is Not My Guardian (12/19/10)

Why He is Not My Guardian (12/19/10) _____Devī Dāsī, Happy to receive your email and question below. A 'Guardian' is one who is our (in this case) my āśraya (shelter). G_____Mahārāja was my godbrother, fellow sannyāsī and friend for almost 30 years, but he was not my guardian. To the contrary, he sometimes criticized myself and others for having Read more...

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Judge By the Results (12/16/20)

Judge By the Results (12/16/20) Wow! Now that was a mouthfull! Maybe you should start a blog. In other words, where does one draw the line (or find the right balance) between a presentation that "moves towards" in the attempt to survive, attract, remain relevant and/or accommodate contemporary sensibilities and a presentation that basically "holds fast" with faith in Read more...

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The Biggest Single Cause of the Decline of Śrīla Prabhupāda’s Movement (12/16/10)

The Biggest Single Cause of the Decline of Śrīla Prabhupāda's Movement (12/16/10)The question is: at what point does institutional, methodological, sociocultural, valuational and/or philosophical  "accommodation" (regardless of the motive) become "adulteration"--a changing, adding to or deleting that fundamentally alters the ontology of Kṛṣṇa consciousness, the process of devotional service, the nature of devotional life and/or the basic characteristics of a Read more...

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Controversy Finds Me! (12/15/10)

Controversy Finds Me! (12/15/10) ___ Prabhu, Thanks for your reply. Well, the 'target' of my blog is the devotional community, primarily those in or associated with my mission. There are also a number of Iskcon devotees and devotees from other missions who subscribe to my preaching. For example, if I count all my mission members around the world there Read more...

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A ‘Friend’ of Sorts…(12/10/10)

A ‘Friend’ of Sorts…(12/10/10) ____Mahārāja, YES, his visit is OK. _____Mahārāja can give class as often as he likes, or just chill out, but he should not be challenged if (and probably will) he mentions any misconceptions. If he does speak any misconceptions (jīva, etc.) then it can be discussed by you and the devotees at a later time, Read more...

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