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The ‘Sucky Truth’ (12/08/10)


YES, of course we don’t really want to send anyone to the water factory, but for harmony’s sake you will have to see the situation from N_____’s viewpoint. He is paying most of the bills for supporting everyone and everything at the āśrama except for some small purchases made by you. Everything else – electric, phone, internet, main bhoga, lady workers, etc, etc is paid for by N_____ from the water factory and some of his other endeavors. It always works out that the person making the cash needs help and expects help from those who are benefitting form the cash. Its a sucky truth of the material world, and it extends into āśrama life also.

Here in Mexico I sometimes do the work of three donkeys in one day and I sweat like a beast. But it has to be done in order to make this āśrama dream a reality. So someone has to do it and I’m doing it with minimum complaint.

The same may apply to the situation in Govindajī Gardens. Someone has to do it and that means that if necessary I am prepared to work in the factory. Otherwise how is the āśrama going to be supported? So try meeting with N____  (keep your cool) and see what help is needed and how it might be arranged. If we just show him some concern and interest then that might ease the situation.

We have to remember that for years on end devotees have worked long hours day after day, week after week in the BLR gallery to support the mission. Nobody actually likes it, but its a fact… somebody has to do it.

So try discussing with N___ in a calm and mature way and lets see if we can see a solution. But NOT S____. Do bear in mind that its already difficult to deal with N____ and so you don”t need anything else to stress the situation.

I am sending him an email and I will forward you a BCC.

Gaura Haribol,

Swami Narasingha

LettersMy Humble Request to You (12/08/10)
LettersA Bull-Head with No Vision (12/08/10)